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Oh man, I never know how to describe myself on “about pages”.. like, what do you want to know people?!
The first thing off the top of my head is that I am a busy body. I legit cannot sit still.. and if I am binge watching Friends, you will always see me working on the side. Not necessarily photography related, but journaling, wood working, DIY projects.. you name it. I just love to check things off my list - anyone else a Monica?

I’m definitely an extrovert, I like to use my high energy to keep others on their toes. Some people think I am on coffee ALL the time, but the truth is, I hate coffee. This energy is AU NATURALE!

I crack bad jokes (Sam’s worse with his dad jokes. Trust me), I do use lots of puns and analogies though. At the same time, when I am at home.. I love to have my downtime and recharge. That almost always means my oversized plaid pj’s, comfort food, and hermitting in bed. If you can resonate with any of this, Amen!

I really do love my job, I love working with people and hearing their stories. Before photography, I was a Social Worker (hence my passion for people), and I used photography to pay for my student loans. Little did I know that my side gig would change in 2014, when I made the decision to pursue my love for photos full time. Since then I have enjoyed being able to capture love stories, birth stories, etc etc. all while juggling our nutty little boy, Saunder.

**Side note, I didn’t think I was out of shape until I had a kid. Toddlers especially give you a run for your money!


Sam is the one that keeps Jalisse moderately sane.
Yes, I am writing this for him because I obviously know him better than he knows himself hehe.
This guy stands by his nickname, he is great at keeping me alive. Whenever I want to do something ridiculously stupid, he will map out all the options to make it safer or to prove that I am fully crazy. (it’s usually the second option). But Sam is so much more than that, he really does wear his heart on his sleeve and care about those around him.. and you can see it through the videos he makes for his clients and how he connects with them. He is a bit more laid back than myself, always going with the flow. On his free days from parenting + running the biz, he is usually playing hockey, gaming with his buddies, or getting dragged into another house project.

Back in the day, Sam worked at Blockbuster + a local theatre, so it is only fitting that he is doing video. After graduating from SAIT in New Media Production & Design, he spent 5 years working for media companies before officially pursuing videography full time in 2016. Go Sam Go!

Now I’m starting to sound like I’m writing his autobiography for Wikepedia. I’ll just stop.

If you have any questions for Sam and I, GIVE US A HOLLER!