“At Citizen Salon Studios, hair stylists and beauty professionals set their own rules. Get the best of all worlds, with private studio salons, independently operated  within a beauty community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Set your own hours, sell your own product and create a space that is truly your own – your business, your way.” This is found on the website, and it is honestly the most brilliant BRILLIANT concept! Being a business owner myself, I love the idea of running your own show. For photography, I don’t require a office as much as other type industries, but I certainly encourage it for those looking for a space. These spaces allow you to completely dress it up YOUR way and also have the luxury of dictating when your hours are, your rates for clients, all with the help of other entrepreneurs side by side. It is a genius concept and I was so happy when Citizen Salon wanted photos to showcase all the unique businesses located in 2 separate buildings. The first location is just off Macleod near Heritage and the other one is by Mission downtown off 4 Ave. Both are beautiful spaces and offer much flexibility. Looking forward to seeing all the businesses continuing to grow!

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