I am giving myself a big ol pat on the back for keeping this proposal a secret! With Hanna being one of my best friends, it was nearly impossible to hold it in BUT I did it for the sake of this epic memory! Clayton called me a couple months in advance about his genius plan explaining that he would be attempting to snowboard and propose on the hill. He wanted it all documented by me and requested for some fellow support from Sam. WELL, how could I not?! Aside from the fact that I had never taken my huge 5 pounder lens down the hill quite yet, I was totally game! The day finally came... we got our gear on and headed to the top. Not a surprise that Silver Star had yet again a killer dump of snow for us and in my head I'm thinking "!!"

We take poor Clayton down the bunny hill once before proceeding to take him down the main run {Yes, he chose to propose his FIRST time ever snowboarding}. He did surprisingly well and it was evident that his nerves were getting the best of him {how adorable!} Finally he gives the code words which means it is the last run and time to get in photographer mode. Sam & I went down the hill 5 minutes ahead and stopped at the dreamiest location. Ghost trees everywhere and powder past our knees. I have Sam sit where I wanted Clayton to "fall" while I hid myself and my gear in the trees. Whipping out my 70-200, I patiently await Clayton & Hanna. Finally I see the bright orange pilon {aka Clayton} turn the corner and Hanna tagging along. Nothing short of perfect timing, Clayton falls next to Sam as Sam slowly scurries to the side to get out of the frame. And well... the pictures below will explain the rest for you ;)