Gosh, I just adore this family way too much. I remember the first time I met Dioné, I thought to myself .. “yup, I’m going to hang out with this girl!” And it wasn’t till we both had crazy energetic boys that we realized how important hangouts really are. Surviving the days together as I see it! Just one of those friends where you can warm up to so quickly that you end up pouring out all your emotional baggage in one sitting haha.

Anywho, this fam jam is the BOMB. Max clearly was giving me the stink eye during some photos. And if you keep your eye out you will spot the BEST glare in history in this blog. No seriously, you will KNOW when you see it. Enough of the chatter.. here are some snaps we got of this AMMAAAHHHZZZZIINNGGGG family…

P.s. Matt & Dee… MISS YOU!!! Come back to Calgs <3