I was referred to this family by another fabulous photographer and couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. I was stoked knowing the Bell family wanted to take me out to the mountains for their family session! The sun was setting, the water was crystal blue, and this fam jam was pretty excited to get their smiles on  There were twomain reasons why I loved this family. First, they were willing to do basically ANYTHING for a great shot which meant walking through marsh and mud pits {in nice shoes might I add}. If that isn’t commitment, I don’t know what is. And lastly but more importantly, they were huge Oilers fans! So much so, that they all whipped out their jerseys for the last round of shots. For a photographer that has a bunch of Oilers gear {including my debit card} AND one who has memorized all the players numbers, names, positions.. I was puuummppeedd upppp!

Thank you Bell family for being such great subjects to photograph! As Katniss Everdeen would say, “The lighting and location was ever in your favor.”