Every time I see Chanel, I can never shut up about her killer wardrobe and her envious tribal earrings. And it is clear that her natural beauty just brings it all together! Jesse, you are one lucky man!

After spending the majority of my childhood with Jesse, the poor guy had to put up with me & his equally vocal sister Becca..... taunting him, nagging him, asking if he could play house or Barbies with us. You know, what all sisters do! I must admit however, Jesse has some strong patience {whether Becca & I would like to take credit for that or not}, and it has paid off for him. He has found the greatest girl. ever. EVERRRR.

We love you Chanel and think you were absolutely worth waiting for :) So here is to Jesse & Chanel and their frosty Big Valley Engagement pictures!!

P.S - The man that owns this property, Hart, was the sweetest soul. He followed us with his grey covered mutt and offered great options for locations. I owe these backdrops to him!

This second spot was simply stunning! Overlooking the blue bridge with the soft light *sigh* Just to think that in the summer, this is a massive river, I can only imagine how equally breathtaking the view would be when it melts!

Thank you Jesse & Chanel for allowing me to document your love. You guys are so stinkin' cute!!! I can't believe you chose crazy Jalisse to photograph your day & I am SO honored!

2017 here we COME xo