I am normally one to write a long caption before getting straight to the photos, but truthfully I am just desperate to finally get a blog out because it has been over 5 months without posting a wedding!! Sam shared his wedding video recently of these two, and I just had to show it to the world. These two held the most beautiful wedding on their property and I was already crying when I heard Guy read the first words in his letter to Cherisse.

How I am able to make a living off capturing love like this I will never know, I am just so beyond blessed to meet people like Cherisse & Guy. Ontop of that, to work alongside my talented husband is hands down the best way to spend my days!

So here you go, the wedding film by Sam Bechtel of Southbase Creative (He’s the bomb.. I’m not biased hehe). Following the video are some photos from the day.. because they are rockstar models and I need to brag! Enjoy everyoneeee xo