“Jalisse was amazing. We went to Banff for a summer getaway and wanted to capture the beauty of our adventure. She was super responsive and flexible with our travel schedule, even though she lived a few hours away from Lake Moraine. The photo shoot was so fun and we were laughing the whole time. I would recommend Jalisse to anyone. Her photos are unbelievably beautiful and we have them hanging all over our house on big canvases now. They make our house so beautiful. I feel bad that she may have to drive to shoot Moraine Lake all of the time she is in such high demand... but I've looked around for other photographers in the Banff area and no one else captures the scenery like she does!”


I am blown away at how many requests I have received this summer for Moraine Lake. No joke, I get usually an email a day since the beginning of July! Usually it is people making the trip down and the came across my Moraine blogs or found some images on Instagram. I am not surprised that this lake is a hit, but it really is EXACTLY what the pictures show. Crystal clear bright blue water and amazing mountains surrounding - what more do you want for a view? Having been there many times for work, I don’t get sick of the view, maybe the high tourism, but not the view. It is worth the trip 100%!

Aubrey & Matt came down from the states to check out the Rockies and I am so happy they booked with me. The moment we got to chatting, I was digging her energy. Positive, creative, and was up for anything I recommended. They were SO committed that they even drove in 2 hours before sunset just so they wouldn’t have the gates close - and had a little snooze in their car until I arrived. Wow!

I left home at about 3:45AM, somehow managed to stay alert for the 2.5/3 hour drive and met them at the perfect time! The sun was barely peering up over the mountains and although the clouds came in and a bit of rain, it never seems to show in photos :) … Nothing but the crazy insane view!!

Heading back to Moraine tomorrow and have a few throughout this week. Alot of driving, but If you question my sanity, look at these photo below and you will agree, worth the drive!!

Thank you for the adventure you two!

If you want to book a session in this beautiful place, message me :
There are only 3 more dates available that I will be shooting in the area this summer so message me!