You always question if the sunrise time is right, because you arrive to Moraine 30 minutes before it’s supposed to rise and it’s PITCH BLACK. But then sure enough, it lightens up quick and the beautiful colours start to show on the water. Susan & Ben were very easy going and loved the idea of shooting in the trees as well, so we picked a few spots off the side of the lake to do some twirls + cuddles.

Finishing off with an adventure out in the canoe was the best! They hauled that canoe all the way from the city on a rental!! And the fact that they were able to maneuver around the canoe surrounded by cold glacier water was impressive - anything for a photo right? Can’t wait for you to check these out - Moraine Lake is hands down the most beautiful place to canoe too!

And then.. THE CANOE ADVENTURE!!! Dad and I hauled our own canoe out from the acreage & these two rented one so that we could both be out on the water to get all the shots <3

Let’s be clear.. it is NOT easy maneuvering in the middle of the lake and trying to swing around to get the right view.. my poor Dad was paddling for the two of us and getting quite the workout haha