In my 10 years of shooting, I have never had THIS much snow fall on a session. We were prepared for it though, we knew it was coming on. We couldn’t cancel it as their adorable pooch Paris was getting old and they didn’t want to postpone it due to her health. And so we agreed to go through with the session and bring on Mother Nature! Thankfully we had a 15 minute window of “light” snow before it became impossible to see through my lens haha. That short amount of time was all I needed with this stunning family because they took direction perfectly!

After these shots, it was a WHITE OUT. Completely covered any chance of seeing them in my camera, and so I chose a last minute spot a few minutes up the hill at Starbelly Seton Area to snap a few more before it took over the shoot.. again. hehe.

As you can see it was definitely worth the second location!