Ashley + Kevynn.. where do I begin? BUT, ACTUALLY. I met this spunky gal during a creative church meeting almost two years ago. She came in with this one of a kind energy, a million epic ideas for brainstorming, and the most contagious smile. I knew we would get along JUST fine! She just has this spark for life and you instantly crack a smile anytime you see her.

Then came time for me to meet Kevynn. He was lying on a couch watching a crime show .. (or wait, was it Hockey Wives?) Nevertheless, I remember thinking YUP Kevynn is awesome and I like his taste in shows. Clearly, I am impressed by the little things.

Kevynn + Ashley are the perfect marinade, they just compliment each other so perfectly. It was  evident on the wedding day, when Kevynn would be trying his best to keep his beautiful bride warm in the MINUS THIRTY WEATHER!!!! And tying her skates on for a lovely cruise on the icy pond lake. #adorbs! Thank you guys for choosing me to document your day! 

The in home ceremony with your closest family and friends just touched me. I loved the intimacy! All the details had such a personal history and was full of Love. Congratulations you two for finally sealing the deal!! Such a wonderful wedding to be a part of .. thank you. <3

First Looks.. I won't shut up about them.. they are the best! Always worth it! ALWAYS.

The fact that Ashley + Kevynn endured the -30 (WITHOUT WINDSHIELD) temperatures and looked THAT good is mind boggling! They are TRUE Canadians!! And true Canadians love to skate...

And so you think it couldn't get any more perfect, then you enter the WARM cozy house for an intimate ceremony *bring on the waterworks!!*

CHEERS TO THE MOST MAGICAL WINTER WEDDING!!! Wishing you both endless happiness xo