I think I have officially annoyed everyone with me babbling about this couple and how much I love them. I think we all have been anticipating this beautiful day for too long, and it was totally worth the wait. We all KNEW the wedding would be full of unique and personalized details, LOTS of tears, some lovely weather, and a beaming bride and groom. I left the wedding grinning from ear to ear.. looking down at my camera reliving it all. Congratulation Jesse & Chanel - WE ALL LOVE YOU!! Cheers to the next chapter in your life and if you were able to read this to the end (without peaking at all the photos), then I am beyond impressed!

NOW ... scroll away and enjoy this stunning wedding these two had!

Between her mom and grandma crying during the dress fitting and having the first look with her dad, I needed some kleenex. THEN Chanel was escorted by an army of motorcyclists over to the ceremony. I actually felt like I was following the president - it was a beautiful arrival for a beautiful bride..

Ruger ... you have my heart you fiesty little cutie!

Thank YOOUUUU wedding party to roasting in the insane heat for these shots! It got to a point where everyone was so desperate for water, we were grabbing half opened bottles on the floor and chugging the luke warm H20.. THAT hot. 

And now what we all really care about ... Mr. & Mrs. Gano!!

EEEEEEK! they are perfect. 

And when you think the day couldn't be any more epic, you walk into the hall and see beautiful details EVERYWHERE... a photographers dream! Chanel has such good taste, gah!

CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO!! Thank you so so so much for choosing me to photograph your day, it was an absolute pleasure to see it all through the camera. Love you guys!