This is definitely one of my top favorite engagement sessions to date.. not because of the crazy stunning backdrop or the sunny weather, but THESE TWO. They are just a solid couple that have fun in front of the camera, crack up at my lame humor, and clearly open to an adventure! I knew Kurtis since middle school when we both rode the cheese wagon to and from school. He was a year older, so *clearly* it was only fair that he owned the backseat of the bus. Fast forward all these years later and I have the pleasure of photographing him and his AMAAAZZINNGGLLYY lovely fiance, Shari. You can just see in these photos that they have so much fun together. I was bouncing around like a crazy person getting all these different shots. It was well worth the trip out and making a roadtrip out of it!

And so, here you go! One of my favorite shoots <3

Pumped for your fall wedding!!