I can officially say this was one of my favourite weddings to be a part of, 100%! Firstly the COUPLE - I don't want to go overboard with compliments here, but these two are the real deal. They exude the most positive energy and their willingness to 'go with the flow' made the day stress free and all the more fun to photograph! Not only are they crazy photogenic (putting Zoolander to shame), but they are kind hearted, adventurous, AND you are constantly asking yourself why they haven't been in your life from the get go.

K, clearly I did what I said I wouldn't do and complimented them nonstop. I'll keep this short... The venue, Azuridge was an absolute dream to photograph, the weather LOVED me and had soft clouds all day, the wedding party were chill as cucumbers, the list goes on... Let me stop annoying you with the chit chat and just relive the day with me through these photos ....


Such a stunning bride + dress! Now onto the first look with Dad before heading to see the man of her dreams.. Not a dry eye in sight.

Seriously obsessed with the color coordinating! Those bridesmaid dresses are dreamy! Ceremony ... well, it just kept getting better and better. THIS VENUE IS UNREAL.

CONGRATULATIONS ALI + BRAD!! Lots of love to you both and your family! xo