This shoot is exactly why you should never trust the weather network in Alberta! This wonderful family live in my old hometown Stettler and made the trip up on a weekend for some lovely family photos. WELL.. the forecast called for thundershowers the entire evening :( It was true. I arrived at Nose Hill Park an hour prior to find a complete shower with little chance of clear skies. Determined to tough it out, this family met at the set time and we sat in our cars waiting it out. WELL THANK THE HEAVENS WE DID, we had 30 minutes of no rain in total! I will take what I can get!!!  

You wouldn't believe it from these photos and the amazing sky colors! Thank you Leschert Family for enduring the drizzles, the waiting in the van, the rather wet grass, and of course the overly hyper photographer ;)

AND if I couldn't love this family any more ... They took out the BEST JERSEYS to make my night all the better!!! I am just loving all these clients wearing their orange & blue jerseys for shoots this year!

Haha the jumping shot was hilarious and I just had to include it. We tried lol