Baby B's Nursery

If you know me, I like to commit 150% on a project, and the moment it is done.. I don't want to look back or consider doing the same thing again. Fortunately transforming my office into a nursery only needed to happen once.. so I could get straight to it and know there is an end. I always wanted a gender neutral nursery and after painting our entire home in a soft blueish grey, I wanted to avoid the paintbrush. SO, I stuck with the color theme that matched the rest of our home with whites, greys, and soft blues :) 

Another thing I love ... keeping things affordable! Aside from the rug & curtains, everything was used taken from Kijiji, Salvage Centre, and Varage Sale then DIY'd to match our space for a grand total of $250! I will provide links to my projects and any other tips for those interested throughout this blog post :) 

The curtains (black out style) were purchased from IKEA for $60 HERE. The white dresser was taken from the dump, sanded entirely, and layered with some simple latex white paint, then distressed with sandpaper. The handles were spray painted and distressed as well - It is amazing what a little paint can do! The diaper genie was gifted to us and comes with an adorable pattern cover found at Toys R Us. Although we will be doing cloth diapering, the genie will be perfect for the days we are lazy and want to use disposables :)

These cannisters were purchased from Dollarama! I am SERIOUS... Dollarstores are my "go to" place for storage items! I then purchased mini toy animals (from Dollarama of course) and spraypainted them white for an extra accent. All the bow ties in that jar were handmade by me through this awesome NO SEW DIY project

The ruffled lampshade was made from 100's of fabric circles I cut out and stuffed. It was probably the most time consuming project I've done and definitely questioned my sanity BUT if you are game with trying it, all you need is a used lamp and some fabric kicking around. Here is the link for that DIY project HERE. Lastly is the homemade baby bottom cream which basically consists of coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, lavender essential oil all heated together and placed in a jar.

I made those clipboards from this awesome tutorial HERE. It only required a 1x12" board, stain, and clips! Those adorable sayings were not typed out by me, but instead I found them on Pinterest to download for FREE. Many blogsites will offer prints for free in return for liking their page on Facebook or just to share the love! 

This is another print I found online since both Sam & I LOVE "Where The Wild Things Are", (FUN FACT: I was Max the cat back in grade 5 for a play..scary.) Just type up the saying in Pinterest and you will find many variations of the print! I then just altered the color in Photoshop to match our wall color :)

This towel rack is extra special as the wood is from my parents acreage. It was the easiest project in history!! I purchased these cute knobs from Pier 1 a year back for $3 each, then my dad and I found some old aging grey wood in the field and drilled them in place. Wala. Done. 

AND finally my favorite part of the nursery.. the organizing! I will admit, I have a slight addiction to cleaning and keeping things organized. I think it runs in the family since I stole my parents label machine for our house and got a call a week later asking where it was haha. (GUILTY). I know that having kids will only make my world chaotic which I will fully embrace.. but in the meantime, I will enjoy this organized nursery! 90% of the clothes were purchased used and then we were spoiled at our baby shower with adorable pieces to add to our collection. I kid you not .. Varage Sale App will become your best friend. I purchased a huge bag of over 90 clothes items for $25 which included Tommy Hilfiger, Baby Gap, & Zara!!!! I'm telling you, it is worth buying used when possible.

The grey stickers found ontop of the closet dresser and the DIY label hangers come from... wait for it ... dollarstore! Yup, $1.50 for a huge roll of that design - which you can use pretty much anywhere! The boxes are from IKEA which were labelled with: Seasonal Clothing, 2T Clothing, & Baby Memories. If you want to make label hangers check this LINK OUT.

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy blog post and perhaps you can try one of the DIY projects! As much as I have fails from Pinterest, I must say that it is a great place for getting your creative juices flowing!! Message below if you have any questions or comments xo