This session hits VERY close to my heart & I put so much love into this session because I cherish these two people beyond words. When Hanna, Kat & I met back in 09 we were instantly joined at the hip. Hanna is my absolute rock .. one whom I can lean on and go to when times are difficult or when I want to celebrate the good! It is incredibly rare to go an entire week without calling this girl a couple times and texting daily. 

NOW, when one of your best friends finds love, you get a little.. well... CRITICAL. Oh my was I ever critical of Clayton. I remember the first time we met, he accidentally spilled the beans to Sam about my secret Oilers tickets I had for him. Haha the poor guy was so nervous that it just came out. Giving it 4+ years... I slowly started to see a different side of Clayton every time I visited. We would passionately scream at the screen for any Oilers game, go on a hike to search for dinosaur bones and treasures, he would play the guitar when we woke up in the mornings, but most importantly..I saw that he respected and adored my Hanna.

I am tearing up writing this because I just see SOO MUCH LOVE between these two. Clayton has become the perfect partner that I always longed for my Hanna and it puts me at ease knowing that they will have this partnership for the rest of their lives. I was so saddened to not be present on their wedding day, to stand by her side and see them make a lifelong vow, but due to the Zika virus I stayed in Canada and celebrated from afar.

To make up for it, I wanted to spend a day with them photographing their one of a kind love. There is something about feeling so comfortable with your photographer, that you can completely open up and showcase the real raw photos we all long for. I wanted exactly that feeling when doing this shoot for them and I think I got just that. 

Cheers to Hanna & Clayton!! I love you both more than I could ever express and thank you for a day that I will never forget xo I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them! Click play to the song below while listening (on your desktop), it will be SOO worth it! It's a song I put on replay when I edited their gallery and speaks to me alot.

Ahh your laughs and smiles are contagious!! Love you both beyond words and I cannot thank you enough for your friendship to Sam & I, we are so blessed!!

Since I missed their Mexico wedding, I squeezed into the dress I was meant to wear for her day so I could forever cherish a photo of us! and yes... I wore that dress the entire time shooting and hiking  - typical Jalisse haha