It was definitely a hot one for this beautiful Esession. Even 3 hours before sunset, it was rounding at 29 degrees! Thankfully Melissa & Nathan are major troopers, letting me shoot them in full out sun and walking through a bunch of bushes for the shots I envisioned! 

It is close to a decade that these two gems have been together and you can certainly tell they have a deep love for another. Instant smiles on both ends whenever I had them get nice & cozy with another.  It was too perfect! A little over 2 months before I get to photograph their wedding and knowing how great we connected during this shoot, we are bound to get great photos in August! Congrats you two, thanks for putting up with me!!

Now, being in the bushes may be beautiful for photos BUT let me tell you, there were some visitors lingering in the bushes. After convincing Melissa & Nathan that I am not afraid of spiders, I have TWO mild freakouts (K, maybe full on freakouts), when a beetle landed on my leg and when I stepped on a huge ant hill. Let me remind you, I said I can tolerate SPIDERS not ever other creepy insect! So, I planned for our next photo locations to be on open pathways..

We finished off at the beautiful river where I got to dip my feet in the water & cool off! Thank the heavens!!

Thanks for making the trip down you two! I had such a wonderful time chatting & capturing your immense amount of love for eachother <3