This is the perfect session to end the week and start up the warm weekend we will be having! 27 DEGREES FOR TOMORROW! Umm.. I sure hope everyone is whipping out their sunblock and hats because we need to enjoy these summery weekends to the max! After brainstorming locations from Canmore to the city, our hearts ended in hometown of High River. It is only fitting as these two grew up and met in this small town and as you can see we had fun going through pathways and fields! 

Brittany & Tory are crazy photogenic, so it was only expected that their pug, Butters, showed the same desire for the camera. In fact, she kinda stole the show! Always staring at my lens and whipping out her cute little barks *sigh* I actually started to grow a small love for little dogs ;) 

Thanks T&B for a wonderful evening together, can't wait for your wedding day back in High River. It is going to be one for the books!

I said it alot during the shoot, but Brittany is SUCH a babe! My camera loved her from the start .. and Tory fit in perfectly haha! We finished the location at an abandoned rail track that they were set on and I was definitely digging the cowgirl boots. Their wardrobe choices were ON POINT!

Have an amazing weekend everyone!!!