WELL internet surfers, it is official, Jalisse Photography did her first destination wedding. When Sam & I visited Maui, particularly the area of Kihei, for our honeymoon we fell in love. It was unlike any other place we visited, with a local feel and a sense of home. So when Taryn brought up the idea of me shooting her wedding, I got a little emotional. {Excitement of course!} And you don't even want to KNOW what Sam was like. He reacted how a kid would be when they find out they're going to Disney World {which would also be on his top list of places to be}. 

This destination wedding can't be topped... and I know I am only comparing it to, well, none. BUT it honestly was a day to remember with a gorgeous sunset for their photos, kind-hearted guests, and an outdoor ceremony at the most beautiful venue, Gannons. If you have never met Gary & Taryn.. errr.. I mean Chris & Taryn then you are missing OUT! They make you feel pumped on life, included in all the excitement, and you can never have a boring conversation. Still to this day, I enjoy Taryns random text messages about her moving adventures & creative designs. They are pretty much the bomb. Ok, Jalisse, shutup, get to the photos! {I also talk to myself in third person!} Lets get this photo party started -

So, I got a call the day before the wedding asking if I would be up for shooting the groomsmen surfing in thee early morn, heck ya! We arrive to find the men embracing their manhood with epic floral underwear and getting their stretches on. Oh it was a sight to see my friends... A. SITE. TO. SEEEE hahaha

I then headed over to photograph the girls {who were fully clothed haha}. Jenn did an amazing job with the makeup & the ladies at Salon 253 were superb with everyones hairdos!

As you can see, the ladies desire to trump the boys didn't go uhh, as expected haha. NOW onto everyones favorite part.. the lovebirds at their finest! We only had about 25 minutes to do their shots and that was honestly all we needed. We worked every angle and it was perfecto!

K, you honestly can NOT take a bad photo in Maui. And having the sunset and a gorgeous couple at my disposal, oh the possibilities were endless! We headed back to Gannon's for the reception and I just adored the lighting. It was so warm and brought out the colors of the sunset, therefore I avoided using my flash to capture the true mood *hubba hubba*

Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them! I can't believe it has come to an end and my hope is to visit Maui again for another wedding adventure!


Wedding Planner |  Maui's Angels

Wedding Dress | Something Blue

Ceremony & Reception |  Gannon's

Dress Back Necklace | Emmy Trinh Jewelry

Hair & Makeup |  Salon 253 + Jenn Molnar  

Florist | Danielle Boaz from Maui's Angels

Rentals | Hawaiian Style Event

Music | Barefoot Minded , Alicia Hobday, & Maui DJ Services

Second Shooter | Husband Sam Bechtel

Officiant | Will Cameron {Bride's Brother In Law, Woo!}