I got to know this couple thanks to Sam working with Krista at Red City Creative {check them out!} She is an incredibly talented developer and with being uber creative comes some epic ideas for engagement photos! A movie theatre, comic books, and some kickboxing gloves ... yup it was epic. These two have so many passions & hobbies they love to do together and I was so happy they incorporated it into their photos. 

Okay, now you all know me for my natural light outdoor imagery BUT the moment Krista & Cameron mentioned MOVIE THEATRE... umm yes PLEASE! Of course it is always scary to step outside your element, and for me, that was working with external flashes. But of course with challenges comes excitement and new knowledge! I had so much fun getting creative at the Globe Theatre in downtown & so very grateful for clients that encourage me to step outside my element to create memorable images <3

SO MUCH FUN, AM I RIGHT?! So pumped for their wedding at the end of this month!!! Winter wedding in Canmore ... *sigh* Can't wait you two!