I still can't wrap my head around it, that two of my dearest friends ... {who I used to blast my music with in my '93 Chevrolet Cavelier} are now having MINI MEs!!! It has been so great to grow up together & intertwine our lives. As Sam & Kyle say it, we are ADULTING! Yay! Clearly parenthood is the most adult thing you can do & they are SO ready for it!

Kyle & Elda, I can't wait to meet your little peanut!! Less than a month away Sam & I will be goggling over your perfect gift and wanting to take holding shifts to snuggle! Elda, you make one heck of a pregnant model ;) Love you guys!

... AND of course my beautiful BEAUTIFUL Elda & thee baby! I've said it in the past & will say it again, I have THEEEE most gorgeous friends who are hands down amazing at heart!