Alyssa + Mark | Stettler Wedding Photography

7am and I wake up with anticipation. Hoping just HOPING the hoar frost stayed during the night for Alyssa & Marks day. And what do you know, the Photography gods were ever in my favor.. snow sprinkled all over!!! Of course, we had to compromise something, which was the warmth. Oh yes, it was oh so chilly. But the breathtaking views made you forget about your inability to feel your toes & hands! This wedding had a beautiful first look, gorgeous wedding party, and the ceremony/reception was full of smiles & giggles. Love love love. 

Thank you Alyssa & Mark for being so amazing.. and when I say amazing you know what I mean *cough the ring cough cough* You guys are just a joy to be around! Sam & I had a blast hanging with you and your crew :)

And onto the epic wedding party.. It was totally worth the 5 minute breaks running back and forth into the house to warm up! I mean LOOK at the blue & white backdrop?! Can't complain!

They timed the day perfectly allowing me to finish their formal photos in the golden hour *sigh* Now, onto the ceremony & reception!!

Oh the irony ending the blog with the ring shots ;) As you can see, these were photographed indoors lol. Thank you Alyssa & Mark for a TRUE WINTER WEDDING BASH! So much fun!!!