It rained, it poured.. and this couple were smiles throughout. Sometimes you just can't plan for this Alberta weather, and thankfully we had rain jackets, umbrellas, and Amy's amazing parents helping us capture some beautiful shots! You may already know that I am a huge sucker for country settings.. and with it being in my hometown Stettler, I was all the more happy! Thank you Mark & Amy for being open to all my ideas ..

Cannot wait for September 2016!!

OH MY LOVE FOR HORSES IN SHOTS .. Best behaved horses!

Mark is a lineman for ATCO, so I was totally pumped to incorporate his love for climbing into this session! It is insane how fast he can climb ... slightly scary!

And a big thanks to Donna for being the BEST umbrella holder EVER! She saved Amy's beautiful hair from getting soaked and created awesome Behind The Scenes shots!

See you next year Love Birds!