I don't get these type of clients too often, but when I do, it makes my job all worth while! Since the moment I met them at a coffee shop - they were beyond gracious! Sending me many heartfelt emails thanking me for my work and time, giving me many hugs, and even sending me home with the loveliest card. They are filled with LOVE! Not once during their day did I feel a sense of exhaustion or boredom, they were always on board which is EXACTLY what I needed to work with the crazy Lethbridge hills and some Alberta heat! 

Liana & Evan, I want to thank YOU for choosing me to photograph your day. It has been such a pleasure <3 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! haha. So here are the sneak peaks from their intimate day.. Enjoy!

It's obviously NOT a wedding without an epic selfie, Am I right?

And check out this dress... LOVED the off white tone under the lace.. To Die For!