A couple months back Elda mentioned she wanted to roadtrip it to BC and the States. Of course every year we 'chat' about the idea, say we're going to do it, and typical life gets busy and we put it on the back burner. Fortunately this year, we were able to make it work with one of my July weekends so we made a jump on it. Packed up our bags the night before, had ZERO plans for where we would stay and what we would do.. we just knew we wanted to go on a roadtrip! 

Now, when your dear friend eats, sleeps, and breathes photography, you have to be fully prepared for the big camera and lenses to be lugged around and to get dolled up for one evening so I can take some lovey dovey photos. Thankfully I have been blessed with incredibly photogenic {and patient} friends and they were all on board. We found a spot by the Vancouver shore and I got to live in LALA LAND! 

For all you photographers that are interested, ALL images are shot with my 50mm 1.4 {except for the ring shots}. I loved the lens too much to take it off and it challenged me to get more creative.