This family rolled up in a sexy white mini van at Reader Rock Garden and when Sukhi stepped out in a matching dress, I just KNEW this was going to be a killer session! First of all, they were totally game with doing a later session {so we could get some gorgeous soft light} and secondly their wardrobe was ON POINT. I even found myself acting like a cat and being distracted by their amazing accessories. Ok you get it, they're all incredibly photogenic. But what I loved MOST you ask? Well they are beyond easy going and full of positive energy - which kept me in great spirits the entire time.

Sukhi & Bernie, thank you for letting me photograph your fam! Your kiddos are so awesome and it was worth the mild workout we all got from the little fellow ;) haha. Enjoy everyone.

Then I asked to take some quick shots of Sukhi as she is such an incredibly talented Makeup Artist and deserves some solid photos...

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