My favorite girl in the entire world is finally ENGAGED!!!! So earlier this month I was able to drive down and photograph her fiancés family! Fiancé... such a weird word to say haha.

I Loved spending my evening with this family and meeting all the kiddos! I have never seen such good behaved kids.. even the newborn was willing to pose for some photos so that's a win-win in my books! My heart especially melted when I saw Angie's Bernese Mountain Dogs ... UMMMM Cuteness overload!!! Prepare yourselves..

Confession: I did search up on Kijiji after the shoot "For Sale: Bernese Mountain Dogs" just because I wanted one SOO freaking bad! Adorable furballs! 

Thank you Boxma family for toughing out the chilly weather and choosing me to document these photos! xo