By now you have probably figured out that I am a SUCKER for mountain inspired shoots. Any excuse to immerse myself in the beautiful rockies is a solid win for me. Brandon & Miriam are the clients I always hope to shoot. Incredibly easygoing, obsessed with nature, and are photogenic. I kid you not, we spent 3 hours of our evening together exploring the mountains and taking photos and it felt like only a hour went by. Although the wind was absolute madness and the clouds were bipolar, it was totally worth driving out for their engagement session! I will warn you... You MAY just want to get off your office chair, bolt for the door and head West after you skim through these...

We almost had enough of the insane wind on the beach that almost got a hold of my poor lenses, so we thought we would head into the woods.. NO WIND? Yes please.

I remember saying "Thats a wrap folks!" And then giving one last look at the view only to realize the sun was now behind the mountain and offered a great moody light.. so the artist in me had to do a couple last shots :D

Thanks B+M for an amazing shoot together! Can't wait for your gorgeous barn wedding!! PS don't mind my odd "I need to pee" pose here ... I clearly am meant to be behind the lens haha

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