I met these beauties in my first years of starting this business. I had my good ol Nikon D90 with my one standard lens, the pop up flash, and my camera was set on Auto {Because of course, I didn't know how the heck to use the big thing!} Fortunately their patience and natural beauty made me enjoy the shoot and push myself to learn more about the industry. Fast forward to 2015, and I am fortunate to book a grad session for Shae. And even better.. Rhea was able to tag along for a couple shots. I kid you not, they will make you pee your pants with how hilarious they are. I could have hung out with them all day and night, they are THAT rad! <3

Then we mixed up Shae's images with a soft bokeh feel in the gorgeous white blossoms... Umm, can we all agree she looks like a Goddess? It's only fair to play my favorite song below while you scroll through these heavenly images! Just press play and scroll away!

Congrats again for ending this exciting chapter in your life and opening a new one! I just know that Mount Royal Univ will treat you so very well! Many hugs -J