Bow Falls : Banff, Alberta

The Gano's are my second family and their support has been never ending. As I continue to grow and learn with every session, I appreciate my family + friends all the more for standing by my side. This shoot involved over 20 people {and a pug} all coming together in the beautiful Banff National Park at Bow Falls! As much as I try to avoid the harsh sun, sometimes you just have to work with their timeline and fortunately I was able to sneak in a mini family shoot prior to the group rolling in. I freaking LOVED their color coordination, it made the images pop <3 Thank you all for toughing out the FREEZING cold weather.. I hope all your fingers and toes are intact haha. 

And here are some of the quick group shots I managed to capture before our fingers and toes entirely froze {woah... that rhymed!}