You may remember these two from a family session I did for them a while back HERE. Well, alot has happened since then... like the fact that THESE TWO ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! *Happy Dance!* When Geordina mentioned doing their session at the CFD training center, I was PUMPED!! When I arrived, Bryan showed us around the station & I felt like I was on a field trip learning from a cool firefighter! THEN you wouldn't believe it, Bryan says "Let's take a truck out and drive around to location scout.." UMMM. WHAT. WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!

So, I kid you not, us 3 drove in a firetruck around the facility and even drove past the charcoaled building where the firemen do their tests! It was epic! So here is proof that I was not dreaming about this... IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED FOLKS!

Once I finally cooled down from being a kid on a sugar high, we got to shooting! :D

To finish of the beautiful evening, we headed over to a closeby park to capture some last shots..

Can't wait for next month!!!!!! EEEEEE!!!!